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The RE-303 CPU was developed for the RE-303 replica, and should by extension be compatible with the TB-303.

The basic sequencer concept stays true to the original TB-303 with separate pitch and time information and the classic workflow we all come to love and hate. Great care was taken to replicate the timing quirks of the original CPU with measurements on original machines. Din Sync and CV/Gate are retained as per the original TB-303.

However since the development in sequencer technology has vastly moved on since 1982, the RE-303 CPU brings a palette of modern features to the classic workflow.

Some of the additional functions include:

– Full MIDI IO
– Live recording over the internal keyboard and MIDI up to 8 bars
– Realtime tweaking of accent, slide and transpose
– Random pattern generator
– Chaselight
– All functions available while the sequencer is running
– Data storage on a modern FRAM memory

Download the User manual HERE
Download the Install guide HERE




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