Space Cadet Bundle

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The Space Cadet bundle represents a significant saving in costs since we are able to reduce our stocking fees of individual items. However our licencing does not allow us to bundle the BA662 clone which you must add separately .

RE-303 v1.2 main-board and switch-board PCB.
Sumida coil and adapter.
3pc set of power transistors.
8pc set of potentiometers (tune, cutoff, resonance, env, decay, accent, tempo and volume with switch)
2pc set of rotary switches (pattern/mode)
3pc set of 6.3mm jacks (mix in, headphone, main out)
2pc set of 3.5mm jacks (cv/gate)
1pc DC jack
1pc waveform switch

IMPORTANT: this bundle does not include the BA662 which must be added separately when ordering.

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